Once you have the perfect social campaign launched, and comprehensive management taking place, the next step is to know how it is performing! Social media analysis is your ticket to knowing the impact your content is having on your audience, and what is striking a chord with them. For each channel, we provide analysis on how your campaign is performing, what is working well with your audience, and what may need improvement. It’s important to see how each individual channel is functioning in your campaign, so you can strategize accordingly.

We mark down analytic data such as follower gain, engagement growth, traffic, views, and much more. Using this data, we formulate strategic insights and suggestions based upon our professional experience, and work with you to set achievable goals in your social campaign based on the information provided. This extra care in analysis sets us apart from the rest of the industry- we add our personal opinion for goal setting based on experience. This is much more effective than an automated program feeding you numbers and graphs. We make sense of the analytics for you!

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