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Content is created based on your brand, your mission statement, and off of your competitors. A suggested content calendar will be sent to you for your approval for the following month.

Our process is simple. We create content based around your desired online presence. First, we complete a social media audit, to see which areas you are struggling in, succeeding in, and neglecting. From this, we can discover which content resonates with your audience. Depending on your industry, the frequency of your postings will vary accordingly. Other social media marketing companies suggest extreme routines – such as posting several times a day from every platform. The truth is, the amount of content that is posted is directly related to how interesting, entertaining, or fun your product or service is. If you keep it fun, 3 posts a week across all platforms is reasonable. If you post more than 5 times a week, chances are that you’re annoying your audience. Post frequency varies on a business to business basis.

Creating and sourcing great content is the other integral aspect of this whole process. Our in-house graphic designers can create custom graphics for holidays or special events, such as a Valentines Day sale, Boxing day clear out, etc. Qode Social’s digital marketing team are all experienced writers, with a passion for copy and blogging. We can write blogs catered to industry trends, your business, tips and tricks, and more. It’s easy to find and create quality social media content when you have industry professionals helping you.

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