Do You Need a Consultant to Help with Your Marketing on Social Media?
Posted by Qode Social, November 29, 2017

Marketing on a social media platform sounds very easy. You may start by simply throwing a few posts up on Facebook, sending out a few tweets and placing a few photos on Instagram in order to be followed by hundreds or thousands of people. Once you get started, however, the reality sets in and you […]

Improve the Retention Rates of Your Customers with Social Media
Posted by Qode Social, November 25, 2017

Social media allows you to connect with your customers while at the same time providing relevant information and nurturing your relationships with them. Social media for business can be used in various ways including raising brand awareness but it should also be considered a tool to improve your retention rates. Listen to Your Customers Use […]

Snapchat, So Lit Right Now 🔥
Posted by Qode Social, November 22, 2017

A new study that was conducted by the Piper Jaffray investment firm shows that Snapchat has become increasingly popular amongst teens in the United States. This company runs surveys for teens each fall and spring to learn more about their social media habits. This fall, the survey offered a surprising insight into the preferences of […]


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