We Visited Toronto’s Newest Golf Club!
Posted by Claude Dee Laguerre, July 31, 2019

Toronto’s newest mini-putt bar is here, and this is NOT your 2001 Putting Edge experience. Picking between 9, 18 or 24 holes, you can select between a variety of different pop culture related holes at Par-Tee Putt Toronto. Between putting in front of the “CN Tower”, hacking away in front of the Iron Throne, or […]

What Are Branded Content Ads On Instagram, And How Do I Use Them?
Posted by Claude Dee Laguerre, July 18, 2019

Introducing New Branded Content Ads for Instagram Users Instagram made an announcement on June 4 that users and advertisers would be able to use this social networking platform to promote branded posts with content in the form of feed ads. The representatives for Instagram understand that branded content is an ecosystem that has been evolving […]

How To Hack The Instagram Algorithm In 2019
Posted by Claude Dee Laguerre, July 2, 2019

How the heck does the algorithm work, anyways? If you or your business are hoping for your content to be seen by more of your followers, it is essential to understand how the algorithm works in 2019. Many people have been noticing a significant drop in engagement, likes, impressions, reach and followers on Instagram and […]


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